3 Good Reasons to Sign Up

confidence Confidence. Nutritionist™ experts are totally independent and are not paid for conducting product ratings. Their views are free from any commercial bias. We do not allow experts to rate any products in which they have a business interest. Objective, scientifically verified information is integral to the site.  
Convenience. Nutritionist™ is an easy way to keep your pantry stocked up with the healthiest products available. Healthy for you & for the planet. You can use the ‘favourites’ feature to build up a list of things you need to buy on a regular basis. Also, ‘favourites’ can be used to re-order (saving time & effort).  
A Clear Conscience. ‘Ethical Consumerism’ is the Way - but we don’t have the time or the opportunity to ‘vote-with-our-buying-power’. So it’s a good thing that Nutritionist™ has automated this process by rating each product’s environmental impact. By keeping a record of your purchases, Nutritionist™ can help you track your environmental footprint.  

Please Note : Our environmental ratings are coordinated by Theresa Wilson of the Sustainability Institute of Stellenbosch. Theresa Wilson is currently doing her doctorate in sustainable development.

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