Jean Sobiecki


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Jean-Francois Sobiecki B.Sc Hons (UJ), is a qualified ethnobotanist and nutritionist. As an Ethnobotanist Jean has researched the use of plants around the world for medicines, food and spiritual healing purposes.

Jean has employed his long time passion for healing with food and medicinal plants, his desire for knowledge on healing and consciousness, and his belief in self-actualisation, into a career as a healing guide.

In his work, which he calls phytoalchemy, he believes in an integrative healing approach to illness; using whole-foods, as well as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and medicinal healing plants to restore disharmonies in the body and mind of the individual. He has had much success in helping those with allergies, digestive system problems, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer amongst others, by using food as medicine.

Jean also believes strongly in the power of self-knowledge and self-love as being core to well being which he also integrates into his healing practice.

Jean says : "In my work I believe there are many tools we have at our disposal to learn about ourselves and grow as conscious beings, and that we need to work on ourselves first, doing inner alchemy, before we can help others or our Earth. Sharing what I have learnt along the way and being a more creative, open and helpful person to those around me is my lifes work and goal. Experience is my greatest teacher."

Practice location : Jean practices from Chartwell North of Johannesburg (Fourways) and can also meet clients at desired locations and make household calls.

To book a consultation with Jean simply email Current Research Projects Research Project : A panel of experts compared the health effects of eating factory-farmed and pasture-reared pork products.

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