Hannah Kaye

Nutritional Therapist

To book a consultation with Hannah email : bookings@nutritionist.co.za.

Hannah has always been passionate about nutrition and health. However, it was only when she began her journey to become a nutritional therapist that she came to fully appreciate the wonderful interplay between nutrients and the human body.

Hannah believes in integrated medicine and often draws on the expertise of other health professionals in order to serve her clients best. In her own practice, she uses a biomedical approach. This means that she addresses underlying health problems through diet, nutritional supplements, identifying hidden allergies, treating the gut and detoxification.

Hannah addresses all areas of adult and child health with a special interest in immune and neurological disorders.

Hannah contributes regularly to many South African publications and websites including Natural Medicine, Living & Loving, Sense, Longevity, Your Family and Thrive. She holds degrees in both nutrition and journalism.

Hannah has her main practice in Cape Town but also consults via telephone and Skype domestically and internationally.

To book a consultation with Hannah simply email bookings@nutritionist.co.za.

Nutritionist.co.za Current Research Projects

Nutritionist.co.za Research Project : A panel of experts compared the health effects of eating factory-farmed and pasture-reared pork products.

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