Cathy Grundy

Nutritional Therapist

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Cathy has been interested in nutrition since she was sixteen; as a child she was quite chubby and suffered with unpleasant hormonal imbalances rare to other teenagers. She learned early on to control this with nutrition. Her passion and interest continued and she has always incorporated good eating and a healthy lifestyle in to her daily routine. In 2005 she completed a 220km section of the Camino in Northern Spain, and it was on that life changing journey that she decided the she wanted to help others improve their lives through nutrition. As a result, Cathy qualified as a Nutritional Therapist at the Institute of Optimal Nutrition in London which was founded by Patrick Holford in 1984.

After spending 9 years in the UK, she returned home to South Africa and founded Balanced Nutrition which is based in the Highway Area of KZN, and in addition covers surrounding areas as a travelling therapist if necessary. She also offers telephonic and email consultations.

Cathy writes for various nutrition columns and e-news magazines both in South Africa and London. Her passion to help others is paramount and she enjoys keeping fit in her spare time.

She offers talks to corporate groups as well as those who hold a keen interest in nutrition, menu planning and personalised food shopping to help identify which foods you should be putting into your trolley, which at times can be a confusing task.

Cathy specialises in weight management, digestive disorders, stress, poor immunity, skin problems, allergies (food and seasonal) and fluctuating energy levels. Many of her clients seek her advice for general nutrition as well as other health concerns that they may be anxious about.

To book a consultation with Cathy simply email Current Research Projects Research Project : A panel of experts compared the health effects of eating factory-farmed and pasture-reared pork products.

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