Michelle Lewis

Nutritional Therapist

To book a consultation with Michelle email : bookings@nutritionist.co.za.

After being introduced to the Natural Way Lifestyle & Aim over 6 years ago, my life & health & that of my family has changed dramatically ever since...

My family suffered everything from asthma & other allergies, overactive & spastic colon & imbalance in blood levels, severe headaches & anaemia & were on all kinds of medication

Just by making a few lifestyle changes & eating the correct food combinations, we simply weren't getting sick anymore...

I became so passionate about health & nutrition that I completed the Natural Health & Nutrition course through the Mary-Anne Shearer Academy & currently in the process of completing my BSc degree through Unisa.

Having walked a road with my own & my family's health Iím committed to a healthy lifestyle. As a result I have the practical life experience that can help others on the road to awesome natural health.

I would like to create an awareness & knowledge of healthy living.

I can help by means of a personal face to face consultation, email consultations, health talks, group sessions & cooking classes as well as detox boot camps.

To book a consultation with Michelle simply email bookings@nutritionist.co.za.

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