Anastacia Sampson


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Anastacia's main focus has been the study of how plants and the human body interact.

After qualifying in Nutritional Medicine through the Plaskett International College, Anastacia launched her career by writing weekly columns on health and wellness for regional newspapers in the Eastern Cape.

Anastacia also started consulting part-time and provided nutritional expertise to publications such as websites and magazines.

While being the resident nutritionist and sports scientist for Dischem's online pharmacy, Anastacia gained experience as a pharmacist's assistant.

Anastacia was awarded a diploma in Herbal Medicine.

Anastacia lives in East London (Eastern Cape). She is presently consulting as the in-house nutritionist and iridologist for a local spa.

The quest for healthy living has been a constant throughout Anastacia's life and she firmly believes that it is fundamental to know that each person's path to wellness and fulfillment is unique.

To book a consultation with Anastacia simply email Current Research Projects Research Project : A panel of experts compared the health effects of eating factory-farmed and pasture-reared pork products.

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