Lynne Maccallum

Nutritional Therapist

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The future of nutrition is changing rapidly and the "old way" of counting calories and seeing proteins and carbohydrates as creating the same energy currency within the body is being replaced. It is now known that these basic nutrients have a very different vibration or electrical potential. The new message is that it is the quality of food and the dietary signature it carries for our cells that is the most essential consideration when it comes to eating choices. Food is information and anxiety about eating the "wrong" foods has the same effect as the stress from living a life you do not enjoy, decreasing your metabolism and preventing you from losing weight and resulting in chronic diseases establishing themselves.

Lynne uses various mind body healing techniques to get to the root cause of your issues/concerns/beliefs, once established she suggests practical ways to implement positive changes that will reward you with the successful achievement of your health goals.

Lynne has a special interest in adrenal burnout and offers a "be stress free program", which includes appropriate nutrients, specific foods to support your adrenals & a de-stressing tool kit which restores your energy & vitality.

Lynne is a qualified nutritional therapist with a diploma in clinical nutrition. She is a member of SAANT (South African Association for Nutritional Therapy). Lynne is an experienced natural gourmet chef and combines her skills and knowledge in practical ways that support her clients in achieving optimal nourishment, health & healing. Lynne also holds various healing modality certifications.

To book a consultation with Lynne simply email Current Research Projects Research Project : A panel of experts compared the health effects of eating factory-farmed and pasture-reared pork products.

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