Kelly Lynch

Registered Dietician

To book a consultation with Kelly email :

Kelly Lynch qualified from UCT in 2006 and now actively manages her two practices in Durban and in Cape Town.

Kelly is based at her Durban practice. She has a degree in Psychology (UCT) as well has her Dietetics degree and therefore uses a lot of psychological therapy in her individualised treatment of her clients.

Kelly has an absolute passion for womens health issues as well as emotional and disordered eating. She has a range of eBooks relating to her Clean Eating Philosophy and enjoys giving motivations and nutrition related talks to groups of women and corporates.

She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves to blog about her believes, experiences and general love for food!

To book a consultation with Kelly simply email Current Research Projects Research Project : A panel of experts compared the health effects of eating factory-farmed and pasture-reared pork products.

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