"Conventional" vs Pasture Reared Pork

  • 10th September 2013
  • Compiled by Katherine Tudsbury and Daniella Smith

Pasture Reared vs Factory Farmed Pork

A group of nutritional therapists compare the health effects of eating factory-farmed (also known as "Conventional") and pasture-reared pork products.

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Plant-based oils versus mineral oils when used in the context of skin care

  • 15th January 2013
  • Dr Sarah Venter

Plant-based oils versus mineral oils

Mineral oils are believed to suffocate the skin, interfering with skins natural ability to eliminate toxins while trapping dirt and bacteria.

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Harvest of Hope : Where organic, local, ethical and optimal nutrition coincide

  • 15th January 2013
  • By Haidee Swanby and others

Harvest of Hope

Several United Nations reports have been released during the last five years highlighting the necessity for governments to support small-scale production for local consumption...

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Baobab Oil from EcoProducts : Nutritionist.co.za research seedling

  • 5th August 2013
  • By Katherine Tudsbury

Baobab Oil (Nutritionist.co.za)

Baobab oil is more than a good moisturiser - it helps to improve skin elasticity and is helpful for eczema and psoriasis treatments due to the Omega 3, 6 and 9 contained in the oil. Nutritionist.co.za is preparing to conduct several in-depth articles on this product.

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Olli Organic Baby Food : Nutritionist.co.za research seedling

  • 1st December 2012
  • By Theresa Wilson and others

Olli Organic Baby Food : Nutritionist.co.za research seedling

A collection of viewpoints from Theresa Wilson, Andrea Jenkins, Muriel Gravenor. Currently undergoing review.

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